Telling Stories in the Dark

Random facts, if you're still reading...

Swimming with the Fishes

Has lived amongst the locals (yokels) of the Cayman Islands while learning the intricacies of scuba diving and working for the zany underwater photographer Cathy Church.

The Psychic Age

Had the winning numbers for a $300,000,000 lotto pot but the ticket machine was broken that night. True story.

In a Past Life
messenger bag holding a cardboard roll and NYC letters on the front

Once ran the mean streets of NYC, Montreal and Toronto as a razor-sharp, supersonic, always on-time! bike messenger.

Bold Moves Always

Moved to Montréal for the poutine...but stayed for the rest of the food.

My core tools are:

+ Design

+ Technology

+ Photography

All of which, are used in search of the story, and the best way to tell it...