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Lauren Connell-Whitney

African Bronze Honey

Visual Identity, Product Design, Content Design

African Bronze Honey is a B Corporation, social enterprise that works with beekeeping projects throughout Africa to market their sustainably harvested, 100% natural, certified organic, forest honey. With a vision to create a global supply chain for the healthiest honey on the planet.

I joined this project at a time when the company was growing quickly. They needed an updated identity that could share their incredible story with more customers.

Original Identity

The original logo had been created when the company was launched as a single fundraising product for schools. They were being picked up by several grocery chains and were looking for an identity that could stand out among the sea of honey bear bottles on the shelves.

The original logo was meant to be used on a dark background and it was a long horizontal design, making it hard to use in small spaces. The logo needed to fit anywhere and everywhere, while sharing the foundational values of the company. 

African Bronze Honey Original honey bottle and logo

The Update

We created a new palette that was juicier, brighter, and hinted at the flag colours used throughout Africa. We needed to create a world that was as exciting and innovative as their approach to food production. African Bronze is not just a honey company, the company’s ethics and values are core part of the brand. We made the decision to create a “seal”, like a stamp of guarantee, and we directly incorporated those values as words in the logo.

African Bronze Honey updated honey bottle and logo

Product Design

Honey Drops are part candy, part honey, and all fun. The drops were a new product we launched before we had settled on the final logo update, and I was tasked with creating a cheerful, pocket-sized product that would draw in a crowd. Below are some sketches from the initial idea dump.

Honey drop box ideas

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

The box on the left was the first launch of the Honey Drops. We decided to go for pure fun, and had liked the idea of a pharmacy pastille, and created a no-holds-barred mashup of every trope we could think of. The box on the right was created once our final identity was finalized. The original Honey Drops box lead us to the finalized identity, although wildly different, the bright, joyful outlook was maintained. 

Updated honey drops box