I was brought into this project in the final stages, after much of the research and workshop creation had been completed on this multi-year project. I was tasked with creating a visual identity, a 150+ page workbook curriculum for teens and a website where all the work could be accessed. 

“EFECT is an experimental feminist network, committed to disruptive ideation and working in messy spaces. We have developed a set of methods and toolkits which reflect our common ethics and equity based collaboration. Our definition of collaboration is purposefully expansive; we work self-reflexively in our own network, while also engaging community partners such as METRAC, Atwater Library, and SARC, young people, community organizers, artist, entrepreneurs and tech-industry innovators to re-frame digital culture and media-masking as tools to empower, educate and build bridges.”


The identity needed to appeal to both teens and adults and to present as clear, bold and approachable. The project self-identified as feminist and wanted to stay away from stereotypical tropes of pink or girly. The identity also needed to be fully functional for both print and online. The work was to be used as a teaching tool for facilitators to run the workshops also included in the book.

Final colours for EFECT. Pink is nowhere in sight, but still feels fresh and young.

The Workbook

The workbook was created as a facilitator guide for the workshops. We created a system of icons that could lead you through the various parts of each lesson. Clean, open and easy to read!