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Lauren Connell-Whitney

The Pandemic Effect

Futures Thinking, Qualitative Research, Workshop Design

In the Fall of 2020 the CFC Media Lab launched a study as part of a response to the needs raised by the Fifth Wave incubator. The Pandemic Effect was designed to extend our understanding of the effects of COVID on women and women identified Digital Media and Creative Industry entrepreneurs. It was generously funded by Ontario Creates Business Improvement Program (BIP) and mounted with the research design and execution help by Nordicity and OCAD University’s Super Ordinary Lab.

Exploring COVID-19’s impact on Ontario’s Women-led Digital Media Businesses, The Pandemic Effect study was conducted by CFC Media Lab in partnership with OCAD University’s Super Ordinary Laboratory and Nordicity. The aim of the study was to share insights from the perspective of Ontario’s female entrepreneurs in digital media as they navigated the unprecedented disruption wrought by COVID. 

Through surveys and participatory design workshops, Pandemic Effect identifies the core changes experienced by our participants and the most effective strategies and supports implemented or required in response. Insights gained through this project provided guidance and supported women and women-identified digital media entrepreneurs in the face of an increasingly uncertain future. 

Pandemic Effect Study Design

22 Trends and Drivers were identified from the survey data as the top issues facing women or womxn-led digital media businesses in Ontario. These were all trends and drivers that had significant movement over the 3-year timeline. Interesting to note from the study, the top three trends that were projected to still be present in 2023 are increased stress and mental health, anti-racism awareness and loss of work/life boundaries. 

Trends and Drivers Movement

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